Submission to OSCAR Newspaper for October edition

By Martha Tobin, Owner at Declutter4Good

Now that mobile phones have become indispensable, there are many reasons to organize and declutter the data they store, send and receive.

Here are 5 tips and tricks for doing that:

#1.  Make a note in your calendar each month to delete blurry or duplicate photos and organize any remaining ones into folders (i.e. work, personal, events etc.)  This will make it easier to download the ones you want to transfer to a hard drive or USB. 

#2.  Review your apps and delete those you no longer need or use

#3.  Unsubscribe to ‘junk’ emails as they arrive and/or ‘block’ those email senders

#4.  Make a note in your calendar to turn off your phone for a few minutes every month so that apps can update properly

#5.  Delete old contacts in your address book

A great time to do your ‘phone decluttering’ is when you are waiting (i.e. at a medical office, in an airport, etc).  The key is not to try and do it all at once but rather, break it down into ‘bite size chunks’ so that it is a less overwhelming task. 

As an added bonus, phone decluttering will help improve your battery life, optimize your device and save you time and energy when searching for items on your phone in general. 

In fact, any decluttering and organizing journey is always going to simplify your life, reduce your stress and give you back more mental space and calm. 

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