Areas to Declutter in 15 minutes (as published by Martha Tobin in OSCAR March edition)

Life is busy.  Too busy.  So although we have the best of intentions, finding the time to declutter a whole room can be difficult and overwhelming. 

One less daunting way to declutter is to choose areas you can tackle in 15 minutes such as ones like these: 

-Kitchen island 

-bathroom countertop

-desk surface

-bedroom dresser 

-boots/shoes in front hall closet

Each area above is considered a ‘prime real estate’ location.  Items in these areas should only be those that you use daily as frequency of use determines degree of accessibility.   If items in these areas are used only weekly, monthly or seasonally, consider storing them in a less accessible location so they don’t clutter up this prime location. 

By doing 15 minute decluttering sessions, these little wins pave the way for bigger wins.  As well they help you feel a sense of accomplishment and keep you motivated to continue to tackle other areas. 

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