COVID UPDATE: All members of our Declutter4Good team are fully vaccinated and wear masks (as requested) and gloves on site.

Introduction to Declutter4Good

Hello. I’m Martha, and I want to help you fall in love with your home again. Through organizing and decluttering we help our clients hit their reset button and help them create the space that they need to find their way forward again.

Helping our clients is only part of the good that we do. Through our ‘Donations That Do Good’ program we also help others by making sure that those items clients are willing to let go of find a second life with people in our community who need them. In doing so, these items don’t end up in a landfill. With that in mind, we feel that our new name, Declutter4Good, better reflects how we help our clients and through their donations, how we help others. Ultimately Declutter4Good is about knowing that good encourages more good. Helping you, helping others and helping the environment… a WIN-WIN-WIN. Every time.

Our Clients

INDIVIDUALS and FAMILIES who want to organize and declutter rooms in their homes and create functional spaces.

REALTORS who want to get their clients’ homes sold fast and for top dollar by decluttering them for listing photos and showings.

SENIORS (and their families) who are downsizing, going into a residence or have passed away. We provide assistance decluttering, packing/unpacking and organizing.  

TRADESPERSONS (contractors, cleaners, painters, etc) so that areas in the home can be decluttered creating space for them to do their jobs more effectively.

Whatever your clutter, we can help.

Recently voted ‘BEST IN OTTAWA’ for organizing & decluttering:
“For organizing and decluttering needs, Declutter4Good might just be one of the best options you could have.”

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