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You already have. You are in the right place. At Declutter4Good we start by listening to you so we can determine the room(s) that are the most overwhelming and frustrating. We determine what needs to be done and then we set up an action plan and get to work accomplishing it. Do you love the feeling of walking into a hotel room where everything has a place, there’s lots of open space, clear surfaces and places to tuck your items out of sight?  This is what we offer with our easy 5 step ‘Declutter4Good’ process Ahhhh….deep breath. Space and calm. Won’t that feel fabulous?
Not to worry. Everyone has different levels of clutter at different times in their lives. What is important is that you are here right now and you want to do something about it. We'll take it from there! In a short period of time, your rooms will be 'show-worthy' and you'll be feeling very proud of yourself for taking charge of your clutter and reclaiming your space.
No worries. Our only interest is in decluttering and organizing your space(s). This is what we are passionate about and what we are 100% focused on. At Declutter4Good we guarantee confidentiality always. No exceptions.
We take your safety and our safety very seriously. We are committed to doing our part to stop the spread of this virus. At Declutter4Good we wear masks and gloves while respecting social distancing.
No. Once we’ve sorted, reviewed and decluttered, we often find organizational tools that clients didn’t even know they had. At Declutter4Good we work with the organizational items you already have and more often than not, it’s all that you need.
You only need to be present for the decluttering part of the process so that we know what you want to keep, discard or donate. After that you are free to go so that we can organize and beautify your space and then do the ‘big reveal’.
Yes. We believe in creating practical, livable solutions that give you functional space. And we believe that a beautiful home is one that is loved and enjoyed - with systems that support you and your family. Organizing needs to be easy. At Declutter4Good we set up systems that make sense and can easily be maintained by the whole family.
Every client’s level of clutter and the amount of rooms they want help with is different. We can tell you though that in one five hour session, we get an enormous amount done and you WILL see change! At Declutter4Good we will keep you focused, motivated and on task while allowing you to determine the pace you are comfortable with.
No worries. We completely understand as items hold different meanings and sentiment for all of us. At Declutter4Good we believe in keeping those things that continue to ‘spark joy’. But for those items that no longer owe you anything we encourage you to let them go.
Yes. At Declutter4Good we proudly take the items you want to donate to local charities/organizations in need of those specific items. Examples of charities we have already worked with are: Habitat For Humanity, Eco Equitable, Elisabeth Bruyere Foundation, Salvation Army, Bronson Men's Shelter, CompuCorps TechReuse/TechYouth programs, From House to Home, Hakim Optical eyewear donation program, Caldwell Family Centre. Heartwood House and our list continues to grow. Please reach out if you have charities in mind that we can support. We are always open to expanding our list.
Great idea. You have a number of options available where you can sell your items online. At Declutter4Good we encourage you to sell items that have value. If you want to keep the proceeds you can consider Kijiji, Facebook Marketplace or community buy and sell platforms. If you want to donate your proceeds we recommend the GIVESHOP app that allows the proceeds to be donated to local charities (and then you receive a tax receipt).

“Martha took my garage from a place we dreaded to a place where for the first time in 3 years we can work and park a car! She is so kind and efficient while making sure that everything was visible and had a spot. Thank you, Martha!”

J. Leeks

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