Getting Started-Organizing & Decluttering made easy

Getting started

  • Pick a small space (ie. nightstand, drawer, pantry, etc.)
  • Have 5 boxes at the ready: 
  1. items that belong elsewhere or to someone else in the home 
  2. items that belong to someone outside the home
  3. ”maybe” items
  4. items to donate/sell
  5. items for trash/recycle
  • take all items out of the area you want to declutter
  • sort items into your 5 boxes.  NOTE: for the ‘maybe’ items put them in a box and date the box.  Review in 3 to 6 months.  If you’ve not needed those items in that time, consider donating them
  • now working with the items you have left, determine if those items are used daily, weekly or monthly and then assign them areas in your based on their frequency of use
  • in the area you are working on, consider using bins, shelf risers, drawer dividers etc to keep ‘like with like’ items together. 

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