Product Recommendations:

Photo cases: although we now store the majority of our photos digitally, for those hard copy photos that you have this easy to store and sort, photo box is perfect (approx $30 on Amazon).  It includes 16 4″ x 6″ photo cases with each case holding 100 photos (total of 1600 photos per photo box). And the box and cases are easy to label and convenient to take with you.

Batteries: when storing batteries, make sure that their ends are not touching one another as their charges can deplete. An easy way to do this is to store them upright with an elastic band holding them in place (see photo).

Shelf Risers: Most shelves do not use their height to their full potential. These shelf risers (approx $9 from Walmart) are a great way to maximize the height of your shelves. They can be used in your cupboards for your dishes, in your pantry for your canned goods, in your cupboards under your counter for your Tupperware or under your sink to store cleaning supplies .

Hanging Shoe Rack: The great thing about hanging shoe racks (especially clear ones) is that they can be used to store a variety of items other than shoes. Shoe racks (approx $20 from Walmart) attach to the back of any door and usually have about 24 pockets. Great for the back of your mudroom door (for mitts, gloves, hats and pet leashes etc.), your bathroom door (for shampoo, razors, conditioner, body wash etc.) or basement door (for tools, gardening supplies, paint brushes, etc).

Lazy Susan storage organizers: For any hard to reach places like the back of a cupboard or under your sink, a Lazy Susan (approx $20-30) makes accessing items so easy with just a turn of the wheel. Available in one tier or two tiers. Great for condiments or spices too.

CD and DVD Storage: Looking for a great space saver for your many CD’s and DVD’s?  This zipper binder with space for 288 discs is the perfect solution (approx $40 at Walmart).  Convenient handle makes it portable and easily accessible while the individual disc pockets makes it easy to slide in the CD/DVD and paper sleeve indicating artist and songs.  No need for all the plastic casings (and CD/record stores will happily accept your donation of casings).

“Room2Breathe was wonderful to work with.  They did an outstanding job de-cluttering and organizing our basement.  It was a large room with a lot of ‘stuff’ and Room2Breathe completely transformed it into a functional space that we can now truly use and enjoy.”

L. C.

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